Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catalogue of my Blog Entries by Theme/Subject

To all who might be interested, I've started a catalogue of all my blog entries so far that is organized by theme. For example, some of the major themes with multiple blog entries over the years include: 

- Commitment & Series:  Sliding, Deciding, Coasting, Decision Making
- Decision Making 
- Cohabitation
- Sex & Hooking Up 
Marriage, Babies, Children, and Less Committed Couples 
- Cognitive Dissonance 
- Oxytocin 
- Selection Effects, Free Will, Problems in Science 
- and others 

Just get the document at this link coming up, and you can click and open any of the links you like under these different themes and it will take you to the entries one at a time.

The document is called: Blogs by Scott Stanley The Catalogue 

May you all be groovy, Scott